My love of photography

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I have always loved photos, I love how you can capture a moment and revisit it as often as you like. I love beautifully designed, well captured, interesting photos but I also love ordinary everyday photos. The mess, the emotion, the sometimes fuzzy raw daily life we all live because lets be honest most of our lives are not always photo perfect but they are no less photo worthy.

Throughout my younger years I always had a camera in hand and I became  the unofficial photographer of my group of friends. Oh how they moaned when I took out my camera and yet today we all treasure those photos as if they were worth their weight in gold. Well they are, they capture our youth, our innocence, our memories. I had a film camera back then so the image we took was exactly what we got. No filters, no editing apps, just us- imperfectly perfect us.

Becoming a mom developed my love for photography on a different level, I now felt a responsibility to capture and document my children’s lives, their milestones, their days – the good and the bad. I think it makes me a better mom, I look for the good or humorous in otherwise not so fun situations. I see their reactions and facial expressions differently. I try to capture their personalities through images thereby appreciating the little people they are becoming. I live consciously in the moment looking for memories or moments to freeze forever.

I bought myself a DSLR camera in 2013 and set out to figure my way out of auto mode. I am still learning (and mostly still stuck in auto), I plan to share my (limited) knowledge with you as I go along.

My daughter has taken an interest in photography (I can literally hear my heart singing when I say this). I gave her my old camera and she loves it. The camera has since started with technical difficulties – which resulted in emotional difficulties for my daughter!!  Hoping to get her snapping away again soon.


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Its mostly pictures of my kids, but honestly they hog most of my day, time and energy anyway! Plus they are absolutely gorgeous (that’s a biased mom opinion right there!)



Are you done having kids?


A while ago a neighbor passed our house, my kids were playing in the front yard. Our conversations went something like this.

Neighbor: Hi
Me: Hi
Neighbor: Oh I didn’t realise you had, had a second child, he is very cute
Me: Thanks, yes he is almost 18 months already (so actually she has no idea what is happening in my life)
Neighbor: A boy, how nice, so are you done having kids…

Her statement caught me a bit off guard, I launched into a full explanation of our future plans, thoughts etc. Later that evening our conversation played on my mind. What business is it of hers, anyone’s for that matter whether we want more children.

The more I thought about it the more occasions I can think of where people have asked me the same thing or made similar comments. People who otherwise have no interest in my life or my children whatsoever.

Why do we assume its any of our business to know. Do you really have it so together that you feel you are entitled to comment on someone else’s situation or decisions.
So many people struggle with fertility, others have chosen not to have children, some mothers struggle to fall pregnant a second time or chose only to have one child.
We are all living our own lives, some of us fighting battles no one knows anything about.
Will it make any difference to your life if a stranger has another child, or for that matter chooses not to have any? Probably not, so please be sensitive or at least less nosy.

So do I want more kids… well if we were close enough you would already know the answer to that question. If you don’t already know then its probably none of your business anyway.


What happened to nice?

Its Nice

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a thing for manners, but manners aside, what happened to common decency and general courtesy?

I’ve noticed something lately and its concerning. I am in the shops almost daily and I greet the cashier, sometimes they acknowledge my existence but often they just start ringing up my items, on a few occasions they have even carried on a conversation with another cashier or packer.

Then the humdinger for me; once the transaction is over I’ll say “thank you, have a nice day” and they look at me and say thanks.

Ummm SORRY I am the customer here, the very least you could do is say ” you too…”

How do I teach my children to be decent little people who greet and exchange pleasantries when adults blatantly ignore their little hello’s!! What happened to ” It takes a village to raise a child”?

Are we all too self absorbed to greet each other anymore, or should I post my greeting on your Facebook wall!

It’s not just at the supermarket, we are rude to each other in traffic, we cut people off, purposefully speeding up or slowing down. We are abrupt with telemarketers, we avoid eye contact with car guards, we have no respect for elders in fact no respect for anyone.

I am guilty of it myself, I know it. My patience budget is limited and often reaches zero before the day is up, but little eyes are watching and little ears are listening. Everyday I resolve to be nice, to as many people as I can. Its not easy, and I don’t get it right everyday but I am trying.  I hope others are too.

The world would be a nicer place to live in; if the people were better!

Have a nice day everyone 🙂